Dear Friends of Women in Tech,

We wanted to raise you attention to the urgent need for support for the Lady Shri Ram college (LSR), which has long been recognized as a Delhi university’s premier institution of higher learning for women in India.

Recently there was a case of suicide by a bright young girl student in college who came under tremendous stress as she didn’t have a laptop to study from home. Due to COVID, many students of LSR, had to move back to their cities and are now completing their courses through online classes. There are at least 140 students who fall under economically weaker sections and unable to afford laptops and datapacks. As exams begin in mid December, the Alumni of LSR College are trying to get laptops delivered to them at the earliest.

Women in Tech would love to endorse these efforts and for its wonderful network to help the future of these bright young female by either securing CsR funds or laptops. Any contribution you could provide through the following channels would be great.

Empower Fellow Women!

Women Leaders of Tomorrow need your support today.


Contribute Towards Making A World More Equal!

Join Digital Inclusion at LSR College. Contribute by November 30th, to make a difference.

All tax exemptions available as per Sec 80G and rules overseas.


*Sampark* : Link for both Indian and other currencies (scroll down in link to “Support for digital inclusion of vulnerable undergraduate students”)


*Sohum Global Foundation*: Link provides 501C benefits to US residents.

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